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Objective-C Resource Center
Beginner’s Guide to Objective-C Programming
Article: “Beginner’s Guide to Objective-C Programming,” by Dennis Leeuw and Pascal Bourguignon. Discusses information about the guide, what you need to know before you start, hello world, file extension, objects, classes, instances, inheritance, methods, messages, exit status, the interface, implementation, makefiles, inside objects, data, data types, operators, typecasting, arrays, functions and more.
Objective-C is Fun
Article: “Objective-C is Fun,” by Adam Fedor. Discusses what Objective-C is, dynamic binding, implementation, power through customization and keywords for the definition and implementation of classes.
Objective-C Slides
Slide presentation: “Objective-C,” from Apple. This 16-slide presentation covers features of Objective-C, what a class looks like, an example interface, an example implementation, sending messages to objects, accessing member variables, the id type, memory management, and additional resources.
Introduction to Objective-C
Sample chapter: “Introduction,” from Object-C Pocket Reference, by Andrew Duncan (December 2002). Discusses what Objective-C is, dynamic dispatch, dynamic typing, dynamic loading and how to get started with Objective-C.
Objective-C Definition
Definition of Objective-C from Wikipedia. Discusses history, syntax, messages, interfaces, manipulations, protocols, dynamic typing, forwarding, categories, posing, #import, additional features, language variants (garbage collection, properties, fast enumeration and implications of Cocoa development) and the philosophical differences between Objective–C and C++.
Intro to Objective-C 2.0 Programming Language
White paper: “Introduction to the Object-C 2.0 Programming Language,” from Apple Developer Connection. Discusses objects, classes, messaging, defining a class, allocating and initializing objects, declared properties, categories, extensions, protocol, fast enumeration, enabling static behavior, selectors, exception handling, threading, remote messaging and using C++ with Objective-C.
A Java Programmer's Introduction to Objective-C
Article: "A Java Programmer's Introduction to Objective-C: Memory Management," by Marcus Zarra. Discusses Objective-C's retain/release, the differences between Java and Objective-C, Java garbage collection, the retain count and the autorelease pool.

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