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Objective-C Resource Center
Cocoa Design Patterns
Cocoa Design Patterns, by Eric M. Buck and Donald Yacktman (August 2009). Discusses object-oriented design patterns found in Apple’s Cocoa frameworks, insight into the design and rationale of Cocoa and re-use of patterns in your own software.
Cocoa Programming for Dummies
Cocoa Programming for Dummies, by Erick Teikowski (February 2003). Discusses Cocoa development, creating a Cocoa application, project builder, interface builder, utilities for Cocoa development, object-oriented programming (OOP), the basics of Object-C, working with interface controls, text, graphics, managing files, printing with Cocoa, Cocoa on the Internet, multimedia, document-based applications, the command line, AppleScript, 10 tips to make Cocoa programming easier and 10 websites for Cocoa developers.
Cocoa Style for Objective-C: Part I
Tutorial: “Cocoa Style for Objective-C: Part I,” by Scott Stevenson. Discusses the basics on naming classes, variables, accessors, general methods and abbreviations, putting thought into naming, indicating type and adjectives.
Cocoa Style for Objective-C: Part II
Tutorial: “Cocoa Style for Objective-C: Part II,” by Scott Stevenson. Discusses method names (returning objects), avoiding ambiguity, global C functions, core services functions, other global symbols, dynamic typing, when to use accessors, naming parameters and more.
Beginning Cocoa Bootcamp
Training course: “Beginning Cocoa Bootcamp,” from Big Nerd Ranch. This is a 7-day fee-based course for developers who want a compact and informative introduction to Objective-C programming before taking our Cocoa I Bootcamp (the first 2 days cover Objective-C and 5 days is devoted to Cocoa). Topics include understanding classes, objects, and methods, writing a first program, understanding data types and expressions, using basic control constructs for looping, decision-making and so on, defining classes, write instance and class methods; being able to use inheritance, polymorphism and dynamic typing, working with the preprocessor, retaining and releasing objects, writing applications for Mac OS X, master the use of Interface Builder and Xcode, find and understand the online documentation, experience common classes in the frameworks, understand the design patterns used in Cocoa and recognize several common idioms of the Cocoa community.
Practical Memory Management
Article: “Practical Memory Management,” from the “Memory Management Programming Guide for Cocoa,” by Apple. Discusses the basics of memory management, reference counting (or retain counting), the rules of memory management, using accessor methods, implementing a reset method, common mistakes such as accessor not used, instance leaks, and instance you don’t own is sent release; and cases that cause confusion.
Memory Management with Cocoa/WebObjects
Article: “Memory Management with Cocoa/WebObjects,” by Manu Iyengar. Discusses managing the allocation and deallocation of objects, objects seen as memory, object ownership, object allocation and initialization, object disposal, object reference counting, temporary objects, autorelease details, common pitfalls, useful idioms and debugging.
Apple Developer Cocoa Site
The Apple Developer Cocoa site features a guide for getting started with Cocoa, articles, the Cocoa Reference Library, fundamentals, the API reference, mailing list, business resources, related links and more.
Objective-C and Cocoa Training
Training course: "Objective-C and Cocoa Training," from The Pragmatic Studio. This on-site four-day fee-based course covers how to build cistom applications for the Mac, how to design using Interface Builder, write Objective-C in Xcode, how to create GUI applications with Cocoa, transitioning to Objective-C 2.0, MVC design, controllers, delegates, notifications, tables, bindings, core data, custom views, events, networking, core animation, performance tuning and more.
Tutorial: Learn Cocoa II
Tutorial: “Learn Cocoa II,” from the Cocoa Dev Central. The tutorial covers thinking in code, variables, types, assignments, methods, writing code, word spacing, ending with a semicolon, classes, adding attributes, adding methods, objects, using Xcode, creating a new class, the header file, adding an outlet, adding a method, the implementation file, adding a header to the NIB, creating an instance, connecting the outlet, adding a button, connecting a button, and the Model View controller.
Cocoa Blogs
Cocoa Blogs: An assortment of blogs on Cocoa. Topics include Cocoa development, Mac development, technicial and business analysis for Mac/iPod, interaction design, Google developers, web development, and more.
Cocoa® Programming for Mac® OS X, 3/E
Cocoa® Programming for Mac® OS X, 3rd Ed., by Aaron Hillegass (May 2008). Discusses the Mac platform, Cocoa development in Objective-C, using Project Builder and Interface Builder tools, instances, variables, using classes, arrays and other containers, custom classes, the Objective-C debugger, basic Cocoa controls, tables and data sources, event handling and delegates, archiving documents, encoding and decoding, saving and loading documents, Nib files, window panels, saving and retrieving user defaults, dictionary classes, notifications, alert panels, localization, custom views and drawing, drawing images and mouse events, responders and keyboard events, fonts and strings, pasteboards and nil-targeted actions, using Objective-C categories, drag-and-drop support, timers, sheets and drawers, formatting strings, printing support, menu updating, text editing with text views, using Java with Cocoa, and custom Interface Builder palettes.
Learn Cocoa on the Mac
Learn Cocoa on the Mac, by Dave Mark (May 2009). Discusses new Apple SDK, how to make your own Cocoa applications, the Cocoa toolset, how to maximize Cocoa programming efficiency and how to approach Cocoa from different programming environments.

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