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Objective-C Resource Center
Switching From Scripting Langs to Objective-C
Blog: “Switching from Scripting Languages to Objective-C and iPhone: Useful Libraries,” by Matt Biddulph. Discusses the GTMHTTPFetcher from Google Toolbox for Mac, the JSON framework, libxml2 wrappers for XPath over XML and HTML, RegexKitLite for regular expressions, FMDB (an Objective-C wrapper for sqlite) and more.
C++ Versus Objective-C
Blog: “C++ Versus Objective-C ,” Michael Rutman. Discusses different object-oriented languages, how to declare an Objective-C object, what an Objective-C method looks like, what Objective-C has that is missing from C++, what C++ has that is missing from Objective-C, the philosophy of each language and which language to use if programming NeXTSTEP.
Extending Classes in Objective-C with Categories
“Extending Classes in Objective-C with Categories,” on Discusses how classes work in Objective-C, adding functionality to objects that you did not create, how categories are declared, how categories work, the difference between class declarations and category declarations, the implementation of category methods and some pitfalls.
Objective-C, Readability, and Language Design
“Objective-C, Readability, and Language Design.” Discusses square brackets, long names, strings and collections and syntax.
Memory Management with Objective-C/Cocoa/iPhone
“Memory Management with Objective-C/Cocoa/iPhone.” Discusses the C/C++ way, the Objective-C way, object ownership, messages, convenience methods, autorelease pools, arrays, dictionaries, and autorelease convenience vs.explicit.

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