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Late Night Cocoa
"Late Night Cocoa," is a series of podcasts for Cocoa developers to help improve their Cocoa skills. Topics include Calendar Store, design patterns, problems with the NSOperationQueue, the DTrace, porting large applications, garbage collection, F-Script, the iPhone SDK, thread-safe data, plug-in APIs, core animation and more.
Apple Developer Network Podcasts
Apple Developer Network podcasts. Some of the topics include Macbreak Dev episodes on Mac and iPhone development for beginners, the new cocoa framework for RESTful services, an open source library in Cocoa (CocoaREST) designed to simplify access to RESTful services, how best to use Core Data on a Cocoa Touch device, Code Collector Pro, choosing features for an iPhone App, a look at PyObC, Code Collector Pro, application accessibility, key value coding and observing, and many more.

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Update :: October 19, 2018