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Web Applications-Development-Cocoa EO Applications
Article: "Web Applications-Development-Cocoa EO Applications," by Steven Mark McCraw. Discusses CocoaEOApplication (a set of objects which allow you to use the Enterprise Objects Framework (EOF) inside Cocoa), memory management, morphing objects, arrays, NSArrays, building qualifiers and putting things together.
Cocoa for Scientists
Article: "Cocoa for Scientists: Developing for iPhone," by Drew McCormack. Discusses the presentation engine, the design, becoming am iPhone developer, source code, the interface, view controllers, table views, cells and working with UIWebView.
Visualization Applications w/ Cocoa VTK
Article: “Developing Visualization Applications with Cocoa and VTK,” by Drew McCormack. Discusses building VTK, creating a Cocoa/VTK project, an introduction to the Cocoa in VTK, categorizing vtkCocoaWindow and the VTKView.
From Win32 to Cocoa: Conversion to Mac OS X
Article: "From Win32 to Cocoa: A Windows User's Conversion to Mac OS X," by Peter Bright. Discusses making the switch, history of the Mac, NeXT, Windows XP vs. Mac OS X and legacy.

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Update :: October 19, 2018