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Cocoa Resource Center


Cocoa Fundamentals Guide: Introduction
"Cocoa Fundamentals Guide: Introduction," from the iPhone Reference Library discusses what Cocoa is and provides links to a description of Cocoa's features, framework and development environment, Cocoa objects, adding behaviors to a Cocoa program, communicating with objects, and other resources.
COCOA Programming Documentation
COCOA Programming Documentation, by Chuck McManis. Discusses program construction, statements and functions.
Download AppKiDo for Mac - Reference tool, browse
Tool: The AppKiDo is a free reference tool that helps programmers locate what they need in the Cocoa documentation.
Cocoa Objective-C Language Guides
Cocoa Objective-C Language Guides from the Apple Developer Connection. Links are provided to: "Memory Management Programming Guide for Cocoa," "Error Handling Programming Guide for Cocoa," "Garbage Collection Programming Guide," "Cocoa Application Tutorial," "Exception Programming Topics for Cocoa," "Assertions and Logging" and "Coding Guidelines for Cocoa."
Cocoa Guides
Cocoa Guides. Topics include accessibility, Apple applications, audio, data management, design guidelines, events and other input, file management, games, graphics and imaging, Intel-based Macs, interapplication communication, internationalization, Internet and web, networking, the Objective-C language, performance, porting, printing, process management, Quick Time, resource management, runtime architecture, scripting and automation, security, syncing, text and fonts, tools and user experience.
Cocoa Fundamentals
Cocoa Fundamentals: Documents include “Memory Management Programming Guide for Cocoa,” “Cocoa Drawing Guide,” “Cocoa Fundamentals Guide,” “Garbage Collection Programming Guide,” and “Cocoa Application Tutorial.”

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