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Cocoa Development
"Cocoa Development," from Apple Professional Services. Discusses how to develop applications for Mac OS X in Objective-C using Cocoa. Topics include Objective-C essentials, Project Builder, Interface Builder, foundation classes, the AppKit classes, design patterns, drawing, event handling, document-based applications and pasteboards.
Cocoa Programming
Training course: "Cocoa Programming," from About Objects. This is a 5-day fee-based course that covers object-oriented design, Xcode, Objective-C, the runtime system, dynamic properties, categories and protocols, the Foundation Framework, files, URLs, property lists, key-value coding, memory management, the Application class, the App delegate, windows, panels, views, responders, core animation layers, controls, cells, formatters, forms, Cocoa bindings, core data, text, the Interface Builder, outlets, actions, multiple .nib files and user defaults.
Apple - iServices - Technical Training - Cocoa Dev
Training Course: "Cocoa Development," from Apple iServices. This fee-based course is for application developers with C, Objective-C, C++ or Java experience. The course features include Objective-C essentials, Cocoa tools and APIs, the fundamentals of application design, AppKit classes, design patterns, drawing and event handling, document-based applications, user default and preference management and pasteboaards and undo/redo.
Developing Desktop Applications with Cocoa
Training Course: "Developing Desktop Applications with Cocoa," from P & L Software. This is a 5-day fee-based course people with knowledge of C, Objective-C, Java or C++. Topics include Objective-C essentials, the Interface Builder, multiple interface files, delegation, document-based applications, table views, key-value coding, archiving, notifications, defaults, user preferences, events, responders, pasteboards, custom views and Cocoa bindings.
Objective-C and Cocoa Training
"Objective-C and Cocoa Training," from The Pragmatic Studio. This 4-day fee-based course presented by Daniel Steinberg and Bill Dudney discusses how to build custom applications for the Mac, building Mac OS X applications, how to design user interfaces with Interface Builder and write Objective-C in Xcode, Cocoa development and iPhone development. Topics include MVC design, controllers, delegates, notifications, tables, bindings, core data, custom views, events, networking, core animation, performance tuning, and more.
Build, Compile, and Run Your iPhone App in 2 Days
"Build, Compile, and Run Your iPhone App in 2 Days," Topics include tools for iPhone development, building an iPhone app, compiling and iPhone app, getting an iPhone app onto the iPhone, scanning iPhone documentation, building mobile applications, the Cocoa programming language, Xcode and Objective-C.

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