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Cocoa Resource Center
Projects, Freeware and Shareware


RubyCocoa Project
RubyCocoa Project. This project is a bridge between Ruby and Objective-C programming languages. It allows users to write Cocoa applications in Ruby and write Cocoa applications that mix Ruby and Objective-C code.
Cocoa Source Code
Cocoa Source Code from Matt Legend Gemmell. Includes MGScopeBar (MGScopeBar provides a scope/filter bar), MGTemplateEngine (native Cocoa system for generating text output based on templates and data), Skinnable App (demonstrates how to use an embedded WebKit WebView to easily “skin” your applications), MGTwitterEngine (a class which for integrating Twitter support into Cocoa applications), NSImage+QuickLook (allows users to get an image containing a Quick Look preview of the file), MAAttachedWindow (subclass which lets users easily attach a view to another window), MATrackingArea (allows users to add “tracking areas” to your views), MGViewAnimation, and many more.
Cocoa Source Code
Cocoa source code from CocoaLab. Topics include iTunes artwork, ArtDeCodes Source, DataLine Source, Running Dockless and XMRemoteImage.
Free Cocoa Browser Downloads
Free Cocoa Browser Downloads. Topics include "Cocoa Browser" (reference document of Cocoa API), "Learning Cocoa 1.0 Tutorial," "Cocoa Hack for OSX" (converts Cocoa apps to folders), "Cocoa Casino 2008" (30 games including ISlots games), "Jedit X" (Cocoa version of the text editor in Japan), "AppKiDo" (free reference tool for Cocoa Objective-C programmers), "HotCocoa X" (Cocoa implementation of a Hotline client), and more.
PostgreSQL Cocoa Libraries X 0.5
Free download: PostgreSQL Cocoa Libraries X 0.5 is a set of Cocoa classes for accessing PostgreSQL databases.
Cocoa Freeware Downloads - Mac Freeware
Mac Freeware: Cocoa freeware downloads include "Cocoa Hack for OSX 2.0b1" (allows users to convert Cocoa apps to folder), "HotService 1.0" (Cocoa input manager bundle), "NFVersionChecker 2.0" (class to setup internal version checking), "AquaMan" (Pacman-like game for Mac OS X written in Cocoa and OpenGL), "CocoaGestures" (adds mouse gesture to any cocoa app), and more.

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Update :: October 16, 2018