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Creating Mac Apps Using RubyCocoa
Programming Cocoa with Ruby: Creating Compelling Mac Apps Using RubyCocoa, by Brian Marick (July 2009). Discusses the Cocoa framework for programming on Mac OS X, the Cocoa framework, effective agile development practices, and more.
Developing Cocoa Applications Using MacRuby
Tutorial: "Developing Cocoa Applications Using MacRuby," from the Apple Developer Connection. Discusses what Ruby is, common ancestry, MacRuby, getting started with MacRuby, developing the MacRuby world, dealing with Objective-C and creating a new project.
RubyCocoa Resources
The RubyCocoa Resources site provides documentation and examples for RubyCocoa. The site provides information about the RubyCocoa project and provides links to articles and other resources.
RubyCocoa Resources
RubyCocoa resources include links to "An introduction to RubyCocoa," "Writing Ruby Extensions with RubyCocoa," "Ruby Rocks" (building an arcade game), "Mastering Cocoa with Ruby," and more.
RubyCocoa Resources
RubyCocoa Resources discusses making windows and views from Ruby, the Interface Builder, stepwise presentations of Cocoa, a console widow and view, the Cocoa special singleton object, and more.

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