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Cocoa Resource Center


Basics for Mac and iPhone Programmers
Blog: "Basics for new Mac and iPhone Programmers," by Derek Underwood. Discusses Xcode, the Interface Builder, Objective-C syntax, compiling Objective-C, case sensitivity, strange symbols, IBOutlet and IBAction, .h and .m files, NIB and XIB files, Cocoa, iPhone and Cocoa, NS This and NS That and NeXTSTEP.
Cocoa Blogs
Cocoa blogs. A listing of blogs that feature Cocoa. Topics include development, business analysis for Mac and iPod, interaction design, tutorials, web development, core data, and more.
Memory Management w/ Objective-C, Cocoa & iPhone
Blog: "Memory Management with Objective-C, Cocoa and iPhone," from Discusses the C/C++ way, the Objective-C way, object ownership, messages, convenience methods, autorelease pools, arrays, dictionaries and autorelease (convenience vs. explicit).
Cocoa with Love: Easy custom UITableView drawing
Blog: "Easy Custom UITableView Drawing," by Matt Gallagher. Discusses how to completely customize the appearance of UITableViews without overriding or subclassing, how to fail at UITableView customizing, how to succeed at UITableView customizing, implementation, configuration of the UITableView and layout of the table header, cell backgrounds and layout within the contentView.
Blog: "Cocoa," by Todd Ditchendorf. Discusses Objective-C, the ObjC Java bridge, Apple's Cocoa Java bridge, AquaQuery, and more.

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