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Software as a Service (SaaS)
Software as a Service (SaaS): WebExMinimize
WebEx for Dummies, February 2005, by Nancy Stevenson. Discusses what WebEx is, the ins and outs of meeting online, getting started with meetings, setting up your first meeting, taking advantage of remote computers, preparing for a dynamic meeting event, hosting a meeting, attending a meeting, closing more deals faster with Sales Center, delivering virtual support with Support Center, creating virtual classrooms with Training Center, making the most of reports, administrating WebEx made easy, 10 things WebEx can do for your enterprise, top nine FAQs from WebEx tech support, 10 ideas for small businesses to maximize success, and 10 ways that companies get the most out of WebEx.

Sample Chapter: "What's a WebEx?" from WebEx for Dummies, February 2005, by Nancy Stevenson. Discusses no software to purchase, it's not software ... so what is it? what WebEx has to offer (features such as Event Center, Training Center, Sales Center, and Support Center), and what you get from Web Ex (tools).
"WebEx WebOffice Security White Paper"
White paper: "WebEx WebOffice Security White paper," from WebEx. Discusses the types of security WebEx uses including damage resistant facilities: high-level surveillance 24/7, authorized access, physical access, and remote site access; application security includes user authentication, login features, and permissions; network connectivity includes network security, router, firewall, load balancing, and web/application servers; site operations include security patches and upgrades, and intrusion detection software; data integrity includes protected data storage, virus scanning, secure socket layer (SSL) data encryption, and hardware-enabled SSL encryption; and system recovery includes data backups and restore.
WebEx Data Sheets
Data Sheets: WebEx has a series of white papers describing several of the applications included in their WebEx Connect platform. The Online Calendar features group scheduling and calendar sharing, the ability to synchronize with Palm® devices and Microsoft Outlook®, pop-up reminders, the ability to send invitations and updates, multiple calendar views (daily, weekly, monthly), and the ability to access your calendar globally. The WebEx mail features the ability to send and receive emails, customization, public mail folders, create rules, create automatic messages (e.g., out-of-office notices), and the ability to access your mail globally. The Web Database features include calculated fields, relational database capability, customized views and printable reports, the ability to assign permission and access, rich set of field types, integrated search, mail merge, customizable templates, and integration with WebOffice.
David Knight Video Explanation of WebEx
Video: David Knight, VP of WebEx Connect, explains the new fee-based on-demand platform of business applications where users can create customized workspaces integrating WebEx solutions along with third party applications over the MediaTone™ network. WebOffice features include a document manager, online calendar, task manager, the ability to create web databases, WebEx mail, the ability to hold web-based discussions, post announcements, maintain a contacts list, produce expense reports, customized a home page, and conduct meetings over the web.

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