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Software as a Service (SaaS)
Software as a Service (SaaS) Videos
"Software as a Service" Video with Stan Gibson,1895,2047245,00.asp
Video: "Software as a Service," with Stan Gibson of eWeek. This video discusses what SaaS is and how it works, SaaS benefits such as no need to purchase software, upgrading easily, no need for IT personnel, no need for purchasing servers, ease of getting up and running, and ease of adding or removing capacity; challenges such as: both software and your data reside on the provider's site, outages (e.g. when the provider upgrades equipment or programs), and hackers; making sure that applications are written according to accepted standards and escrow clauses in contracts with SaaS providers.
SaaS Summit 2006 Video Presentations
Videos: Video presentations from the SaaS Summit 2006. Topics include "The Vendor's Perspective" with Bobby Napiltonia of, panel discussion: "SaaS Ecosystem—membership Has its Rewards," "SaaS Acceleration—You're in the Race, Now, How do You Win?" with Dave Engelbrecht of OpSource, debate: "From a Buyers Perspective On-Demand vs. Perpetual Licensing," with Treb Ryan, CEO, OpSource and James Woolwine, CIO, Majestic Insurance, "SaaS Accelerating Pricing," "Selling SaaS," "Integration Solutions for SaaS Vendors," "SaaS Without Borders," "Business Intelligence Dashboards on the On-Demand Ecosystem," "Software as a Service," "Financial Management of SaaS," "How SaaS is Changing Technology," panel discussion: "SaaS, Getting Funded, Getting Going, Getting Out," "Competitive Advantages through Next Generation SaaS Technology," and a panel discussion: "SaaS Lessons Learned."
InfoWorld SaaS Video
Video: InfoWorld video that explains what software as a service is, how it works, how it differs from ASPs, what multi-tenancy means and how it works, customization, sharing, and fixing of bugs, what CRM (the most popular application of SaaS) is, and how SaaS subscription services are charged (either monthly or by actual use).

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Update :: January 18, 2020