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Software as a Service (SaaS)
Software as a Service (SaaS):
About's AppExchange
Learn about's AppExchange—a source of on-demand CRM applications. The applications are listed in categories that include sales, service and support, integration, tools and utilities, analytics, marketing, partner relationship management (PRM), finances and administration, financial services, human resources, industry solutions, office productivity, and components. By selecting any of these applications users can customize their accounts to meet the needs of their business. Feature Comparison Chart's feature comparison chart shows all of the features available in their on-demand products including user limits, training and support, storage per user, sales force automation features, partner relationship management features, marketing automation features, customer service and support, real-time historical analysis features, desktop and CRM mobile, data model customization, user interface customization, enterprise administration, business process controls, application environment, on-demand database, and the integration platform. CRM Products and Pricing has several levels of on-demand service, these include: Unlimited Edition CRM—features a suite of CRM applications (sales, service, and marketing), customization, access to an assortment of applications and components from the AppExchange, the Salesforce Sandbox (an environment for support development, testing, compliance and training), Apex Mobile (enables users to access data from a mobile device), Preimer Support, and storage; Enterprise Edition—features Salesforce Automation (for revenue forecasting), Partner Relationship Management (PRM), customer service and support, marketing automation, reporting and analysis; secure, scalable on-line infrastructure, AppExchange API, offline and optional AppExchange mobile support, advanced tools for large-scale deployment, customization ability, service entitlement, and lead history tracking; Professional Edition—includes lead management, lead history tracking, account management, contact management, opportunity management, activity management, case management, knowledge management, customizable forecasting, reporting and analysis, mass email, and on-line lead capture; and the Team Edition—includes support for up to five users, shared customer management, shared activity, tasks, and events, custom reports; works with Palm OS, Microsoft Outlook, integrates with Microsoft Word and Excel; and customer support (via phone, web or email). Video Overview
Listen to a video overview of's on-demand customer relationship management (CRM) services. On-demand services include sales, partner relationship management, service and support, marketing, analytics, and custom applications. specializes in on-demand fee-based customer relationship management (CRM) that handles sales force automation, marketing, customer service and partner relationship management. The Team Edition includes applications for sales, support, documents, a group calendar, custom reports, and desktop integration. The Professional Edition includes applications for leads, mass emails, forecasts, contracts, solutions, and web site integration, and there are links to free demos and a trial subscription. (See our Apex Resource Center for additional information.)

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Update :: January 18, 2020