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Software as a Service (SaaS)
Software as a Service (SaaS) Podcasts
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Podcast: "Software as a Service," with Alex Howard. Explains what SaaS is, how it works, what is meant by multi-tendency and how it works, what on-demand software is, explains managed services, how SaaS differs from ASPs of the 1990s, risks (such as someone else is controlling your data and outages), implementation (use applications immediately), staff still needs training, conventional software packages are expensive and vendors are not always helpful with support, advantages included: SaaS vendors must support their clients or their clients will leave, reliability, scalability, and support 24/7, IT concerns include will the SaaS vendor be around (not go out of business) and is there an ecosystem in place for integration.
"Moving to Software as a Service"
Podcast: "Moving to Software as a Service," discusses the issues IT need to consider when looking at SaaS including: security (a company's data will be stored on the SaaS provider's site), the option of self-hosting (where users still keep their data on site behind their own firewalls), the reliability of the vendor's software, performance and speed, up-time, making sure the vendor can back up security claims and level of service, allows IT to concentrate on their users (tech support is handled by the vendors), and the benefit of SaaS will be to the company.
"Software as a Service: Evolution or Revolution"
Podcast: "Software as a Service: Evolution or Revolution," from Gartner Voice. SaaS discussion with Dale Kutnick, SVP Director of Research and Michael Maoz, analyst. Topics covered include where SaaS is going, a definition of SaaS and how it works, features (such as deployment of software, multi-tenant model, and subscriptions), compares SaaS to ASPs and how the two technologies differ, major issues (such as scalability, work flow, and downtime), SaaS co-existing with traditional software but SaaS will probably increase over the next several years, and what to look out for when using SaaS (security, end services, vendors, and costs).
"How Software as a Service Enables Companies..."
Podcast: “How Software as a Service Enables Companies to Receive the Benefits of BI Without Additional IT Investment,” with Steve Lucas, VP of On Demand Software and Services for Business Objects, and Ron Powell, Co-founder of B-EYE Network. Steve and Ron discuss how software as a service (SaaS) benefits companies with complete BI platforms without additional IT investments.
"Infrastructure Software as a Service"
Podcast: "Infrastructure Software as a Service," with Jay Gardner, VP and GM of the On Demand Business Unit of BMC Software, Inc. and Timothy Chou, President of Oracle On Demand. Discuss innovations and improvements in SaaS, where SaaS fits in the enterprise, what is the real cost of software, how huge SaaS is going to be, purchasing options, and the effects of globalization.
SaaScon Conference 2006 Podcasts
Podcasts: A series of podcasts from leaders in SaaS technology presented at the SaaScon conference held in September 2006. Topics include SaaS as an ecosystem, multi-tenant architectures, identity management systems, "Ten Questions to Ask a SaaS Vendor," security and ownership concerns, cost saving benefits of SaaS, cost-efficiency of SaaS, SaaS 2.0, new SaaS applications, and SaaS and the IT architecture.

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