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Software as a Service (SaaS)
Software as a Service (SaaS) Conferences
DCE Hosted Software Summit Program
Conference: DCE Hosted Software Summit Program, London, England, March 21-23, 2007. Topics include deploying SaaS in Europe, does SaaS make sense, security concerns, the role of utility computing, data centers, SaaS adoption by the enterprise, the types of collaborative hosted software available, how Web 2.0 will impact the delivery of software over the Internet, how the independent software vendor will survive, and the emerging hosted software market.
SaaS Summit 2006 Video Presentations
Videos: Video presentations from the SaaS Summit 2006. Topics include "The Vendor's Perspective" with Bobby Napiltonia of, panel discussion: "SaaS Ecosystem—membership Has its Rewards," "SaaS Acceleration—You're in the Race, Now, How do You Win?" with Dave Engelbrecht of OpSource, debate: "From a Buyers Perspective On-Demand vs. Perpetual Licensing," with Treb Ryan, CEO, OpSource and James Woolwine, CIO, Majestic Insurance, "SaaS Accelerating Pricing," "Selling SaaS," "Integration Solutions for SaaS Vendors," "SaaS Without Borders," "Business Intelligence Dashboards on the On-Demand Ecosystem," "Software as a Service," "Financial Management of SaaS," "How SaaS is Changing Technology," panel discussion: "SaaS, Getting Funded, Getting Going, Getting Out," "Competitive Advantages through Next Generation SaaS Technology," and a panel discussion: "SaaS Lessons Learned."
SaaSCon Software as a Service Conference
Conference: SaaSCon, April 17-18, 2007, Santa Clara, CA. The theme for the conference is "Moving Business Online." Session topics include: SaaS on the Desktop, The Shift Toward Business Services, How SaaS Has Made the IT Stack 3-Dimensional, Application Streaming and Visualization: The New SaaS in the Enterprise, Understanding the Pay-As-You-Go Model, Accelerating SaaS Infrastructure—A Customer Case Study, Business Intelligence as SaaS, A Real-World Example of Implementating Hosted HCM Applications, Tapping into Open Source for SaaS, SaaS HR Offerings: Best of Breed or Integrated Suite?, SaaS and the Evolution of Developer Programs, Overcoming the Integration Hurdle, Sales Performance Management, Anatomy of an SaaS Application, Integrated Security: Keeping Pace with Shifts Towards Collaborative Computing, The Ingredients of SaaS Collaboration, IT Management with SaaS, Just Say No to Proprietary Single Sign-on: why SaaS vendors and Their Enterprise Customers Both Benefit from Standards-Based Federated Identity, SaaS PPM: Benefits from an End-User Perspective, and Cross Enterprise Data Integration as a Service.

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