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Software as a Service (SaaS)
Software as a Service (SaaS) Blogs
Official Google Apps Blog
Blog: The official blog for Google Apps is a source of information about what Google Apps is and how it works. In addition there are additional links to downloads, other blogs about Google, Google Maps, Image Search, Google Labs, News, and Mobile. A list of blogs from around the world allows users to read what others are saying about Google Apps.
Windows Live Writer Zone Team Blog
Blog: Windows Live Writer Zone team blog is a source of announcements about Windows Live Writer an application for blogs. Topics include most recent updates and downloads. Additional links provide information developer forums, Writer forums, and a plug-ins gallery.
Gianpaolo Carraro SaaS Blog
Blog: Gianpaolo Carraro, Director of SaaS Architecture, in the Microsoft Architecture Strategy Team. He discusses LitwareHR, SaaS sample application, cost per feature vs. cost per tenant (how to choose whether to go multi-tenant or not), a listing of his top 12 blogs, his predictions for SaaS in 2007, and a questionnaire for helping to build or evaluate SaaS application architectures.
Fred Chong SaaS Blog
Blog: Fred Chong, is a solutions architect in the Microsoft Architecture Strategy Team. His SaaS blog covers the latest Microsoft SaaS announcements, releases, and Software as a Service applications.

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