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Social Networking Resource Center


Social Networking Tools and Software
WebBizIdeas offers website design software packages that you can use to build your own social networking site, dating site and more.
Social Platform
Social Platform offers enterprise-level social networking applications for corporations and organizations looking to build community through their sites.
Small World Labs
Small World Labs offers online social networking and professional networking software that you can use to create your own social networks, professional networks and more.
Build your own social network site with ONESite. Students in the US and Canada are eligible for free hosting for up to five years. Features of the software includes bloging, photo and video sharing, messaging, forums, groups and chat. Create your own online community for free. They also offer enterprise-level solutions for businesses.
ArmyOfOne is a project to create free social networking web tools (blogs, photos, calendar, groups, tags, etc.) for use by non-profit organizations to enable users to collaborate over the web.

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Update :: January 20, 2020