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Social Networking Resource Center


Social Networking: Forums and Newsgroups
Yahoo! Groups
Yahoo! Groups is a social network with an enormous community. Create, search for, and join discussion groups to chat with people who share similar interests. Search for groups by keyword, or browse for groups by category including business & finance, computers & Internet, cultures & community, entertainment & arts, family & home, games, government & politics, health & wellness, hobbies & crafts, music, recreation & sports, regional, religion & beliefs, romance & relationships, schools & education, and science.
Google Groups
Create, search for, and join discussion and mailing groups on Google Groups. Browse for groups by category or search by keyword. Tour Google Groups to discover the latest features, and learn how to create your own group, browse existing groups, and communicate easily. The Google Groups help site includes answers to frequently asked help questions. Visit the FAQ to learn more about Google Groups. Get help from other Google Group users in the Google Groups Guide discussion forum.

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Update :: January 20, 2020