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Social Networking Resource Center


Social Networking Books
Social Networking: The Essence of Innovation, May 2007, by Jay Liebowitz. Discusses social networking analysis (SNA), how social networking can influence innovation, strategies for developing personal knowledge networks, linking, knowledge mapping, and overviews of the software systems used for social networking applications.

Social and Capital Entreneurship, May 2005, by Phillip H. Kim and Howard Aldrich. Discusses the concepts and principles of social capital and social networks, uses the Frendster web site to demonstrate the power of social capital accessed through social networks, and presents the basic terms used in social networks and social capital analysis.

Momentum: Igniting Social Change in the Connected Age, September 2006, by Allison Fine. Discusses becoming a connected activist, leveraging social networks for social gain, leveling effect of social media, the future of social change, rethinking philanthropy and fundraising using social media and becoming a connected activist.

Make Things Happen: The Key to Networking for Teens, March 2003, by Lara Zielin. Discusses why people network, where to network, how to overcome the fear of networking, internships, job shadowing, terms and their definitions. This book is geared to grades 7 and up.

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