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Social Networking Resource Center


Social Networking Blogs
Mashable: Social Networking 2.0
Mashable: Social Networking 2.0 blog is the world's largest blog on social networks, written by Pete Cashmore, a new media expert. Discusses social networks including MySpace, Facebook, YouTube, Babo, Xanga, Friendster, Multiply, hi5, Tagworld, Windows Live Spaces, Piczo, Digg, Photobucket, Fotolog and more.
Complexity and Social Networks Blog
Complexity and Social Networks Blog from the Institute for Quantitative Social Science and the program on Networked Governance at Harvard University. Discusses network analysis and complex systems theory. Categories in the blog include social networking in the news, simulations, social computing, social software, societal networks, complexity, current trends, events, innovation, methodology, networked governance, powerlaws, qualitative methodology, technology, eGovernment and more.
Danah Boyd Blog
Personal blog of Danah Boyd, a PhD student at University of California at Berkeley, a fellow at USC Annenberg Center and a social media researcher at Yahoo! Blog discusses social networks, social software, identity, youth culture, performance, Friendster, MySpace and more.
Social Networking Blog
Blog discusses the latest social software applications, developments with the major players in the social software space, Web 2.0 and more. Some of the social software applications and sites discussed include the Mobile Secretary for Windows Mobile, the social color picker from Adobe, Digg, Platial's MapKit, Panoramio (a Google Maps mashup), Wordie, Thinkature social web collaboration software, and more. Subscribe to the social software RSS feed at

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Update :: January 20, 2020