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Political Social Networks
Campaigns Wikia
Campaigns Wikia is a social networking site for people interested in politics. Express your opinions on political issues and current events, start a forum to discuss issues with other users, contribute an article, comment on articles already posted to the site, and vote on issues and articles on the site. is a social network for people interested in politics. Users can express their opinions, read what other members have to say about hot issues, participate in discussion groups, and organize to take action on an issue. Read the blog for news and announcements, and check out the FAQ to learn more about the features of the site. is a social network based on two groups of opinion drivers. One consists of entertainers, politicians, and leaders of industry, who through their access to the world's media (television, movies, newspapers, etc.) can influence world opinions. The other group consists of organizations such as PTAs, neighbors, industry groups (policemen, firefighters, etc.), small business groups, etc. who can influence others by their actions. The site has three key areas: Hot issues, where well-known personalities can share their opinions; Loops, where opinions can be shared among a group on a given topic; and Lifestyle and Entertainment, where members can participate in book and movie reviews, breaking news and opinion polls. is a wiki-based site where people can express their views and share interests about political issues, laws, education, healthcare, civil liberties, government reform or any topic of public interest. Edit existing content or contribute your views on a page. Individuals, public interest groups, local governments and elected officials are welcome to contribute to the site.

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Update :: January 20, 2020