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Social Networking Resource Center


MoSoSo (Mobile Social Software)
Cellphedia is a mobile social encyclopedia. Join groups, then send and receive encyclopedia-type inquiries using text messages on your mobile phone. Groups discuss entertainment, politics, music, technology, art, architecture and more.
TXTmob, a service similar to an electronic bulletin board system, was initially used by protestors at the 2004 Democratic National Convention and Republican National Convention. It allows users to share text messages using mobile phones, with other TXTmob users. The service is free (though text messaging fees charged by your mobile service provider apply). Check out the FAQ to learn more about creating a group, joining and leaving a group, sending messages and more. is a free Internet radio station that uses a recommender system based on tracking what users listen to and makes suggestions based on the user's tastes. This is not an on-demand service—you can not request that a piece of music be played at a specific time.
"MoSoSo + Wi-Fi"
Blog entry: "MoSoSo + Wi-Fi" by Rudy De Waele (November 9th, 2005) on the blog. Provides a brief walkthrough of some of the more popular MoSoSo applications including TXTMob, PlaceSite, Cellphedia, Wavemarket, Dodgeball, Jambo, Meetro and others.
Slam (Social, Location, Annotation, Mobile)
Slam (Social, Location, Annotation, Mobile) is a Microsoft Research Community Technologies Group project, developed with the Microsoft Photo and Imaging eXperience (PIX) team. Slam is a mobile social software application for Windows Mobile Smartphone devices that enables for group-centric, real-time communication and photo-sharing. Users can send a message in Slam that is automatically sent to everyone in a particular group.
Jambo Networks
Jambo Networks is a mobile social software company that helps you meet people with similar interests. Users need a wireless device (cell phone, PDA or laptop) with Jambo installed to get started. Enter your interests and social groups (your school, a conference you attended, etc.), upload your pictures, then Jambo will notify you when people from your network or with similar interests are nearby so that you can meet.
Enpresence is a social networking company that brings people together using mobile social software (MoSoSo). It uses Bluetooth technology on mobile phones to identify and connect people within 100 meters of each other. It will automatically notify you if someone with similar interests is nearby. Users can choose to meet, ignore the message or even block that person. Enpresence shares only your proximity, not your location. It is up to you if you want to reveal your location to the other user. You can also use the service to share messages, photos, music and more.
Dodgeball is a mobile social networking service offered in several cities throughout the United States. Subscribe to Dodgeball and create a list of friends. When you go out, you can send a text message to your friends to let them know where you are and the time you checked in. Also notify friends of friends that are not your direct contacts. Dodgeball also allows you to select up to five crushes who will get notified when you are nearby; if your crush checks into Dodgeball within a certain distance of where you are located, your crush will be sent your name and location so they can meet you.
"MoSoSos No So So-So",1284,66813,00.html?tw=rss.TOP
Article: "MoSoSos No So So-So" by Daniel Terdiman, for Wired News (March 8, 2005). Discusses mobile social software including, Playtxt and Jambo. Provides a walkthrough of each service and discusses how each service works to connect you with other users.
MoSoSo (Mobile Social Software) Wiki
Wikpedia entry for MoSoSo (Mobile Social Software). MoSoSo is software designed for mobile devices that facilitates mobile social networking using information such as your geographical location, the time, and your own social network. Includes a list of several mobile social software providers.

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