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Trust in Recommender Systems
"Trust in Recommender Systems"
Whitepaper: "Trust in Recommender Systems" by John O'Donovan and Barry Smyth. Discusses defining trust, trust and reputation modeling on the semantic web, trust-based filtering and recommendation, computational models of trust, profile-level and item-level trust, trust-based recommendation, evaluation, building trust, recommendation error, winners and losers, trust, reliability or competence?, acquiring real-world feedback, trust and collaborative filtering robustness, and trust and recommendation explanation.
"Using Trust in Recommender Systems"
Research Paper: "Using Trust in Recommender Systems: an Experimental Analysis" by Paolo Massa1 and Bobby Bhattacharjee of the University of Trento and the University of Maryland. Topics include an introduction to recommender systems, weaknesses of recommender systems, data sparseness, cold start, attacks on recommender systems, difficulties in understanding and controlling recommender systems, trust-awareness, experiments on, statistics on the community, computability of user similarity, computability of trust, trust metrics, comparison of trust and user similarity, recommendations computation and user acceptance.

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Update :: December 15, 2019