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Recommended Systems Resource Center


Recommender Systems Blogs
"From Recommending Shoes to Humans"
Blog: "From Recommending Shoes to Humans" by David Evans, President of Digicraft. Discusses the reemergence of interest in recommender systems, companies that currently use these systems, and possible new ways these systems can be used.
"Pandora and"
Blog entry: "Pandora and Nature vs. Nurture in Music Recommenders," by Steve Krause, VP of Analytic Products at CNET Channel. Compares recommendation algorithms of Pandora and, how each service helps people discover new artists, and "locked loops" (when a social recommender gets stuck with recommendations within certain genres and styles).
Recommenders06 Blog
Recommenders06 Blog discusses recommendation systems and The Present and Future of Recommender Systems ‘06 meeting that took place in Spain in September 2006.Topics include attacks, direction, evaluation, infrastructure, long tail, music recommendations, personalization, scalability services recommendations, video recommendations and more. Visit this blog for announcements about Recommenders07.

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