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Recommended Systems Resource Center


Popular Recommender Systems
MovieLens is a recommender system that uses collaborative filtering to provide you with movie recommendations based on your personal references. You preferences are matched with the preferences of other users with similar movie preferences. Visit the site for a tour of the service. MovieLens is a project of GroupLens Research.
Visit this site to help determine the next book you should read. add in the title of a recent book you enjoyed and the site will return recommended books from a database of over 20,000 titles. You can also check out what other readers have enjoyed. The site is adding film and music recommendations. is a free Internet radio station that uses a recommender system based on tracking what users listen to and makes suggestions based on the users tastes. This is not an on-demand service—you can not request that a piece of music be played at a specific time.
StumbleUpon is a recommender system for web surfers. Using ratings gathered with a collaborative opinion rating system it can match users with interesting websites based on their preferences. Users can also rate interesting sites for others to check out.
MyStrands is a free personal Internet radio station. A behavior-based recommender system is used to track the music you have selected on iTunes, Windows Media player or have stored on your iPod. The system can recommend music tailored to your tastes, help organize play lists, auto fill mobile devices with music and help find more music.
ChoiceStream makes recommendations based on user preferences. They develop marketing strategies for online shopping, television (based on the TV show being watched), and for mobile phones (using information such as ring tones and music downloads). The company also develops direct marketing and email marketing campaigns that can be customized to reach specific users.
CleverSet helps Internet retailers get sales by using information gathered about Internet shoppers to make product recommendations. CleverSet analyzes a customer's past and current buying and searching trends including what was looked at last, what is currently being looked at, amount of time spent on a web page, time of day and the day of the week a user was on a site, time spent looking at a product or similar product(s), and the region of the country the user is from. They also gather information about the product including description, manufacturer, price and product image. will recommend movies to you based on the answers you give to their survey. The initial survey is 20 questions including favorite movie genre (just fun, real life, harsh real life, super harsh), how long it takes you to fall asleep, and more. Based on your answers you will receive a suggested movie. If you have seen the movie before you can request a new suggestion.
Netflix is a DVD movie rental site. Netflix will recommend a movie or movies based on member reviews, critic reviews, popular rental lists and how you rate movies. When you signup for this service you submit a list of DVDs you would like to rent from their extensive list of movies. You can receive from one to four DVDs at a time; when you return a DVD to Netflix they will send you another from your list. Several rental plans are available with options as to the number of DVDs that can be ordered per month (depending on the monthly price of the plan). Netflix offers a free trial subscription.
Music recommendation system. Pandora™ emerged from the Music Genome Project™--a comprehensive analysis of music in which a team of musician-analysts listen to and study each song and note nearly 400 attributes of each. Pandora makes this information available to the public. Users enter their favorite songs and artists into Pandora, then Pandora recommends music similar to your taste. Then you can listen to the new music through the site.

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Update :: December 08, 2019