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RSS Resource Center

RSS Publishing Tools and Services
RSS tools including FeedForAll (feed creation tool for multiple platforms), RSS2HTML (free PHP script allows you to convert RSS feeds to HTML Web pages), FutureRSS (PHP script used to display current RSS feeds), RSS2HTML Cache (displays feeds faster), and FeedForDev (allows you to incorporate feeds in your applications).
RSS Content Builder
Fee-based tool that helps you create RSS feeds for your Web sites, customize the look and behavior of your feeds, conserve your page rank, generate dynamic content feeds for your visitors, increase traffic and more. Price at the time of this posting was $97. There is a free “test drive” available.
Fee-based service helps you create and publish RSS feeds, submit feeds to directories and search engines, track the performance of each feed, create subscribe buttons to drive traffic, and create “browser-friendly” RSS headlines and pages. Prices at the time of this posting were $19.97 per month or $215 for a 1-year subscription. There is a free 15-day trial.
Free RSS reader allows you to add RSS feeds to your site. Customize the format of the feeds, display unlimited feed listings, add feeds to your site from their directory of RSS and ATOM feeds or create your own feeds.
Free service helps you create and publish your RSS feeds using a wizard, submit your feed to major search engines, track your RSS readership and more. Premium versions are available for a fee.
Publish RSS feeds on your Web pages.
FeedBurner allows Web publishers manage their RSS and ATOM feeds. Includes tools to help publishers increase awareness to reach of their feeds, and track circulation and usage. Also helps publishers optimize their feeds by ensuring that the feeds work in any reader. Users can enable feeds for podcasting. It makes feeds available for mobile devices. It helps publishers monetize their feeds using Google AdSense.
RSS feeds, directories, software, scripts and more.

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Update :: January 20, 2020