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RSS Resource Center

RSS Articles, eBooks and Sample Chapters
“RSS 0.91, 0.92 and 2.0"
Sample Chapter: “RSS 0.91, 0.92 and 2.0 (Really Simple Syndication)” from the book Content Syndication with RSS, by Ben Hammersley.
"RSS: Your Gateway to News & Blog Content"
Article: "RSS: Your Gateway to News & Blog Content" by Danny Sullivan.
"Making and RSS Feed"
Article: "Making and RSS Feed" by Danny Sullivan. Describes RSS 2.0 and its ease-of-use, walks through an example of an RSS file, and discusses the various versions, the options, saving the file, validating the file and publishing RSS feeds.
How to Add PHP RSS Feeds to Your Web Pages

RSS How To:  How to Add PHP RSS Feeds to Your Web Pages from

“Network World Fusion's Do-It-Yourself RSS Feed”
Article: “Network World Fusion's Do-It-Yourself RSS Feed,” by Adam Gaffin, discusses the tools you need to create your own RSS feeds, check to make sure they works, format the feeds and more.
“Making Headlines with RSS"
Article: “Making Headlines with RSS: Using Rich Site Summaries to Draw New Visitors,” by Jonathan Eisenzopf.
"Syndicated Content"
Article: “Syndicated Content: It’s More than Just Some File Formats,” by Paul Miller. Provides some basic background information about RSS, code examples and good practices.
“What is RSS?”
Article: “What is RSS?” by Mark Pilgrim. Provides a brief history of RSS, code examples and information on reading RSS feeds
“Introduction to RSS”
Article: “Introduction to RSS” by Andy King.

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