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RSS Resource Center

Desktop RSS Aggregators
Attensa online is a free, Web-based RSS reader. Premium versions are available for a fee, including Atensa for Outlook (delivers RSS feeds to your inbox), and Atensa Mobil (delivers RSS feeds to your wireless devices).
Firefox Web Browser
Mozilla Firefox Web browser allows you to bookmark sites and feeds.
Weblog aggregator. Create your own digest of Weblogs or view the editor’s picks for several categories.
Active Web Reader
Active Web Reader is a free desktop RSS reader (aggregator). Input links for RSS feeds you would like to receive. Bookmark Web sites and Active Feed Reader will notify you when the content on the site is updated.
Free, open-source, server-side RSS aggregator written in Java. Features include subscription and refreshing, import/export OPML subscription list, parse RSS (versions 0.9x, 1.0, 2.0), RSS export of aggregated feeds, filesystem based persistence of feeds, Web interface using Tapestry, asynchronous feed subscriptions and more.
Headline Viewer
RSS aggregator for Windows gathers headlines from 812 news providers. Features include a hierarchical category list, multiple views, automatic flipping between articles, search within headlines and more.
Free RSS feed reader and aggregator. Quickly browse headlines in one scrolling ticker placed anywhere on your screen
Free, cross-platform RSS and ATOM feed aggregator built with Visual Works Smalltalk.
Vox Lite
Free RSS aggregator for Windows features hierarchical folders, tree-view drag and drop, page view with title and content, tabbed browsing, OPML export and import, auto updater, Feedster support and more.
Python script allows you to receive RSS and ATOM feeds through your email client.
Free RSS reader for GNOME (Linux).
RSS reader for Mac OS X. Features include search, podcasts, smartlists (finds feeds and podcasts based on your criteria), include summaries and dates and even a dinosaur window for outdated feeds.
EffNews Reader
Free RSS reader for Windows (built with Python). Site includes a FAQ. You can also make suggestions for changes.
Free, open-source, cross-platform news aggregator. Find downloads, a tour of the software, FAQ, mailing list and more.
Free, open-source RSS news aggregator for Windows 98, ME, 2000 and XP.
Free, open-source, basic RSS and ATOM aggregator for Windows. Comes pre-configured with hundreds of feeds. Includes alerts, caching of headlines, search, multilanguage support, OPML import and export, and more.
RSS aggregator for Windows. Pre-configured with popular news feeds, built-in podcast receiver, alerts and more. Integrate with Feedster,, Flickr, Bloglines, etc.
RSS and ATOM reader for Windows. Group feeds by category, integrate with Feedster to search blogs and feeds, import/export your subscriptions using OPML and more.
Download the free, personal edition of Awasu. Customize the user interface and notification mechanisms, download podcasts, integrate blogging tools and more. Advanced and Professional versions with more robust features are available for a fee.

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Update :: January 20, 2020