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RSS Resource Center

Cool RSS Feeds
Safari RSS
Safari RSS delivers an article list from thousands of Web sites. Displays all the RSS headlines and article summaries in the browser window. Bookmark feeds and Safari RSS will let you know when the feed is up­dated. Offers an RSS search so you can search by keywords or topics.
Job Postings
Get job postings, updated regularly, from the top online job sites. Offers free and fee-based services.
Virus and Spam News
Get virus and spam news alerts via RSS feeds.
Security Alerts
Get security and virus alerts.
Comparison Shopping Tool
RSS comparison shopping tool allows you to find the best deals from multiple sites.
Auctions and Sales Tracking
Follow eBay,, and auctions and sales via RSS feeds.
Weather Tracking
Track the weather in your area (or any city worldwide) by RSS.
Shipment Tracking
Track shipments sent via FedEx, UPS and the US Postal Service.
FedEx Tracking
Have FedEx tracking results delivered via RSS feeds.
My Yahoo! Ticker
My Yahoo! Ticker allows you to follow your stocks via RSS feeds.
Share Your Calendar
Share your calendar with others using RSS.
“Blinkx Gives Users Their RSS TV",aid,121861,00.asp
Article: “Blinkx Gives Users Their RSS TV: Startup indexes search terms, then notifies users when matching content is available.” Subscribe to the RSS channels to be notified each time a new video is available in a particular category.

Safari Trial Subscriptuon

Update :: January 20, 2020