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Google Video Resource Center


Google Video Resources
Program Policies/Terms and Conditions
Read the Video Upload Program Policies and the Terms and Conditions before you begin. According to the Terms and Conditions, if you charge a fee for users to view your videos, Google will pay you 70% of the gross revenues and retain 30% as their hosting fee. Also, if Google incurs “extraordinary costs” associated with your video, they may charge you, however the terms do not state specifically how much they will charge, nor does it define “extraordinary costs.”
Google Groups Discussion Page for Google Video
Google Groups discussion page for Google Video is a forum for users to share questions, answers and tips.
Instructions for Submitting Video Transcripts
Instructions for submitting video transcripts, which will improve the findability of your video. The transcript is a .txt file that breaks down the contents of your video by segment, listing the start and end times and topics of each video segment.
"Video Uploading Instructions"
"Video Uploading Instructions" includes instructions for downloading and installing the Google Video Uploader the for Windows, Linux and Macintosh operating systems, and how to upload your videos.
Google Video FAQ
Google Video FAQ answers questions about the program and the types of videos that are acceptable, uploading videos and copyright.
Sign Up for Google Video
Sign up for Google Video and start uploading your videos for review. Upon Google’s approval, the videos will be posted for viewing.
Learn More About Google Video
Learn more about Google Video, how to search for videos and check out the list of channels you can surf online including ABC, NBC, CNN, PBS, The Discovery Channel, The Learning Channel and numerous others.
Google Video
Search for videos at the Google Video site. Includes links to popular videos and a sampling of random videos.

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