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Google Video Resource Center


Google Video Articles
“Google May Want CBS Shows”§or=Industries&s
Article entitled, “Google May Want CBS Shows” discusses how access to CBS’s hit shows could give Google Video the boost it needs to compete with similar services.
"In Search of TV: Hold on—Maybe the Internet..."
Article entitled “In Search of TV: Hold on—Maybe the Internet Giants Won’t Take Over Television” looks at Internet video broadcasts, the players in the market and what users are likely to find when using these video sites.
“Google Video Adds TV Archives”
Article entitled, “Google Video Adds TV Archives” discusses Google’s partnership with the Academy of Television Arts and Sciences to make thousands of hours of interviews with leaders in the TV field available for free through Google Video.
“Google Queues up Video”
Article entitled “Google Queues up Video” discusses the launch of Google Video in April 2005.

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