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Brightcove Blog
Brightcove blog includes press releases, news and commentary on developments at Brightcove from insiders, including Brightcove founder Jeremy Allaire.
“Brightcove Illuminates Its Advertising Strategy”
Article entitled, “Brightcove Illuminates Its Advertising Strategy” discusses how Brightcove users will be able to monetize their videos with advertising.
"Advertising Industry Leaders Join Brightcove..."
Article entitled "Advertising Industry Leaders Join Brightcove to Pioneer Development of Internet TV as New Advertising Platform” discusses the addition of two advertising industry leaders to Brightcove’s management team to head up the advertising programs for the Internet TV service.
"AOL, Others Invest in Internet Video..."
Article entitled, “AOL, Others Invest in Internet Video Distributor BrightCove” discusses AOL’s investment in Brightcove and their plans to offer a co-branded service to publish video on AOL.
“Life After ColdFusion”
Article entitled, “Life After ColdFusion: Jeremy Allaire's Brightcove Snags $16M...and Barry Diller”discusses the addition of Barry Diller, Chairman and CEO of IAC/InterActiveCorp and Chairman of Expedia, to the Brightcove Board of Directors.
“Video Syndication AOL’s Next Big Thing”
Article entitled, “Video Syndication AOL’s Next Big Thing” announces Brightcove’s partnership with AOL, the infusion of $16 million in venture funding and the appointment of Barry Diller to Bright Cove’s board of directors.
Brightcove is an emerging Internet television service that will allow anyone to create their own online television show or television station (with multiple videos). Users will even be able to monetize their videos with advertisements. Check out the previews of the service on their site.

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Update :: November 19, 2019