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Building Web Communities Resource Center

Welcome to the Building Web Communities Resource Center, which includes web resources that will show you how to build web communities, tools for building web communities, and places where you can find existing web communities. You'll find many Web 2.0 companies that are creating communities where users can collaborate, chat, participate in forums, generate content, network, find a job, discuss hobbies, study and more. In the Building Web Communities Resource Center you'll find links to:

  • The article, "Web Communities and the Art of Making Money," by Robert Nagle.
  • A series of articles from the U.S. Department of State's "Global Issues: Internet Communities Linking the World." Discusses building web communities in different fields such as education, government, medical, research and media.
  • The article, "Seven Steps to Building Electronic Communities," by Philippa Gamse.
  • The blog entry, "Building Internet Communities," by Steve Moyer.
  • "The Community Admin Show!" podcast hosted by Patrick O'Keefe, founder of the iFroggy Network, in which he discusses his experiences in starting web communities.
  • The tutorial, "The Guide to Community Internet," by David Wilcox.
  • Social bookmarking sites including that allow you to find the sites, articles, blogs, etc. that the community has bookmarked.
  • MySpace—the social networking site that has rapidly grown to one of the most popular web sites.
  • Disability Resources, Inc.—a community dedicated to assisting people with disabilities.
  • News sites like Digg that allow the community to drive the content on the site by submitting articles and rating articles submitted by others.
  • The Wordofblog that allows you to spread the word on things you like or causes you care about.
  • Photo sharing communities including Flickr, Zoto, Fotki and Flyinside that allow you to share your photos with the community.
  • Video sharing communities including YouTube, Blinkx TV, Afiniti,, Sharkle, ClipShack, JumpCut, Vimeo and GoFish.
  • The LinkedIn career networking community that allows users to find jobs or potential employees, consultants and business partners.
  • The Connexions international educational community where authors can share and collaborate on materials, instructors can create and share courses, and students can find the materials and courses.
  • Yahoo! Groups and Google Groups where you can find community sites on virtually any topic, or start your own community forum where you can discuss business, technology, hobbies, current events, etc.
  • Virtual Worlds including Second Life, Active Worlds, Habbo, Hive7 and There, where members of the community can interact in a 3-D virtual environment, share hobbies, conduct business and more.
  • Over 100,000 open source software projects on SourceForge—the world's largest open source software development site.
  • Microsoft's Shared Source Initiative in which the company is sharing source code with developers, customers, organizations and others.
  • FreshMeat—a source of UNIX and cross-platform open-source software, themes, and Palm OS software.
  • The GotDotNet community portal for the .NET developer community where users can share code, collaborate on projects, chat with other .NET developers, find programming tutorials and sample code, and more.
  • A list of free, open source collaborative software tools including groupware, project collaboration, wiki software and editors.
  • GoogleCalendar which allows you to create and share events, and keep track of appointments and meetings.
  •—a tool that enables you to offer free opinion polls and contests on your site. Get your web site community involved, generate content for your site, get valuable feedback about a product or service and more.
  • IBM Lotus Notes—one of the most popular collaborative software tools. Features include email, instant messaging, a calendar, blogs, wikis, RSS aggregators, CRM and more.

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Update :: January 22, 2020