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Building Web Communities Resource Center


Virtual Worlds
There 3D Virtual Hangout
There (There, Inc.) is 3D virtual hangout where you can meet and chat with friends. Create your own avatar, share videos, play games, join clubs and more. Basic membership is free and allows you to set up an account, create an avatar, chat with other members, listen to music and explore. The fee-based premium membership allows you to voice chat with other users, arrange and host events, participate in auctions, use the developer tools and more. Check out the video demo to see how There works.
Check out Hive7, the AJAX-based virtual world where you can chat with other members of the community, listen to music, go shopping, play a game of chess and more. Click the "me" button to create your own avatar (i.e., character), change how you look, and start interacting with other members of the community. Click the "Bag" button to add items to your bag, such as images from Flickr, videos from YouTube, music and more. Click the "Friends" button to invite others to join you in the Hive7 virtual world. Click the "My Rooms" button to create your own rooms within the virtual world where other members with similar interests can come to chat, shop, etc. Click the "Search" button to find rooms based on your interests.
IMVU 3D Instant Messaging
IMVU is a 3D instant messaging program. Create and customize your own 3D avatar and start chatting with other people in the community. You can search for users by country and/or state, age, gender, membership level and more.
Habbo Virtual Community
Join the Habbo virtual community to chat with other members, participate in events and games, design your own virtual space where you can interact with other members who share similar interests, create and host your own games and more.
Active Worlds' Community
Learn more about the Active Worlds' community. View the calendar of events, subscribe to the monthly newsletter, learn about and join one or more of the organizations, check out the resources (tools and classes), participate in one of the many newsgroups, submit your idea for a Citizen Project, read about content guidelines, and vote for what you think Active Worlds should be working on next.
Active Worlds
Active Worlds is a 3D virtual world site where you can chat with other users, develop your own 3D worlds, visit other users' virtual worlds, create and play virtual reality games and more.
Second Life
Learn all about Second Life. There are over 200,000 residents (members) from around the world who inhabit this 3-D virtual world. Residents can purchase virtual land or islands; the costs are determined by the size of the land. These land parcels or islands are then used by their residents for their creations, stores and events. Many of the scripting tools used to develop the creations are available for free while others can be purchased from other residents who have developed tools that they sell to fellow residents. Learn how to explore Second Life to locate groups, events, or socialize with others using the Map. Meet other Second Life members by joining an existing group, starting your own group, or looking for other members with similar interests (hobbies, sports, etc.).

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Update :: January 22, 2020