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Building Web Communities Resource Center


Tools and Technologies for Building Web Communities
Looking for Tools to Create an Online Community
Article: "Cyberspace: Looking for a Few Good Tools to Create an Online Community," by ManMohan Sidhi. A comparison of several web-based technologies available for developing online communities including Axis (different topics appear on bulletin boards), Well Engaged (a software and site solution), CommunityWare (a software and site solution), HyperNews (software that is similar to hypermedia and Usenet News), and Netcon (provides special tools for online communities).
Small World Labs
Small World Labs' web-based tool enables companies, groups and organizations to develop online social or professional communities. Their social networking product features discussion groups, chat rooms, file sharing, private email, and profile postings.
Teamware Pl@za®
Teamware Pl@za® is an environment for creating interactive web sites. The platform provides tools for developing web sites to meet the needs of individual users and groups. Standard edition features include an interactive business card, personalized views (e.g., by preferences or access rights), notification of who's online (for chats), easy insertion and updating of information, site searching capabilities, feedback form, user administration, group management, and system administration through a browser. Additional functionalities include discussion groups, online meetings, a message center, survey management, special interest groups, committees, event management, notifications, security, formpage management, and WYSIWYG HTML editing.
DotNetNuke Resource Directory
DotNetNuke resource directory. Find third-party DotNetNuke products and services. Categories include hosting, technical writing, training and support, module design, graphic/web design, independent software vendors, systems integration, marketing and translation.
DotNetNuke Module Repository
DotNetNuke module repository. Search for non-core modules developed by the community. You can search for modules by category, date or keyword (some modules are free, some are for-sale). You can also post your modules here to share with the community. Your find modules that will help you build community functionality into your web site including wikis, newsletters, blogs, forums and more.
DotNetNuke is a free, open source web application framework. Find downloads, community modules, forums, online help, a demo, project blogs, the security policy, Web hosting benefits, news, community events, a bug tracker, and more. Learn more about DotNetNuke including design, extensibility, scalability, manageability, efficiency, customization, security, localization, ease-of-use and more. DotNetNuke is also constantly evolving thanks to contributions from the community.

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