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Source Code and Applications Sharing Communities
Ning was founded by Gina Bianchini and Marc Andreessen (founder of Netscape). Ning applications include online dating, restaurant reviews, photo sharing, job sites and more. Users can clone existing applications or build their own. There is even a list of suggested applications for those who need ideas. Check out Ning and the new Deitel Ning Resource Center—to learn more about one of the most exciting Web 2.0 sites we've seen and try your hand at developing your own social networking applications!
One of the hottest trends in Web 2.0 is the development of mash-ups. The term mash-up originated in the music world—a music mash-up is a remix of two or more songs to create a new song. Similar to music mash-ups, a web application mash-up combines complementary functionality from multiple web sites or web applications, e.g., combining Google Maps with Craigslist apartment listings so that you can find all apartments for rent in a particular neighborhood. Developers have created mash-ups using Web services and RSS/ATOM feeds from several popular web sites including Google, Microsoft, Yahoo!, FlickR and many others. Our Mashups Resource Center focuses on the enormous amount of free mashups content available online. Start your search here for tutorials, documentation, books, articles, blogs, directories, tools, forums, etc., that will help you quickly develop mashup applications.
GotDotNet is a community portal for the .NET develop community where users can share code, collaborate on projects, chat with other .NET developers, find programming tutorials and sample code and more. Collaborate and share your projects and source code with other .NET developers in the GotDotNet Workspaces. Site include announcements, a directory of workspaces, documentation and more. Check out the gallery of .NET projects. Each project listed includes a project name, project description, the number of people working on the team and the activity level of each project. Visit the CodeGallery to find a directory of projects, featured projects, learn more about the CodeGallery team, find a directory of Workspaces, user samples, message boards and more. Find a directory of GotDotNet forums where you can chat with other developers in the community. Forums include ASP.NET, Visual Basic .NET, C#, .NET Framework, SQL Server, C++, .NET Newbies, DirectX, MSIL, testing, Mobile Web Services, .NET Enterprise Services and more.
FreshMeat is a source of UNIX and cross-platform open-source software, themes, and Palm OS software. The site adds new resources daily and each listing contains additional links to descriptions, downloads and histories. To learn more about the site see the About link. The home page lists the current day's additions to the site. Searches are initiated here by filling in the search-for textbox at the top of the page, selecting either projects, articles or comments from the drop-down In list, and selecting either Main, UNIX, handhelds, Mac OS X, or Themes in the Section drop-down list.
Microsoft's Shared Source Initiative
Learn more about Microsoft's Shared Source Initiative in which the company is sharing source code with developers, customers, organizations and others. Check out the case studies to learn how developers and organization are participating in the Microsoft Shared Source Initiative.
Find over 100,000 open source software projects on SourceForge—the world's largest open source software development site. Find the latest project news, search for projects by category or keyword, check out the project of the month and more. Learn about the latest developments in the blog.

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