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Building Web Communities Resource Center

Collaboration Software: Wikis, Calendars, Chat and More
JotSpot, now part of Google, is a popular wiki application that enables companies and organizations to create wikis that include email, spreadsheets, WYSIWYG editing and other functionality. Additional products include JotSpot Family and the Class Reunion Planner.
IBM Lotus Notes
IBM Lotus Notes is one of the most popular collaborative software tools. Features include email, instant messaging, a calendar, blogs, wikis, RSS aggregators, CRM and more. Visit this site to learn more about the features of Lotus notes, check out competitive information, read case studies, and more. Site includes demos and pricing information.
Wiki Software Tools
List of wiki software tools by language/technology including Java, Lisp, Windows, Pascal, Perl, PHP, Python, Ruby, etc. Includes links to each tool, plus a link to a wiki feature comparison chart that will help you find the tools with the functionality you need. uses Ajax and Web 2.0 technology to allow you to offer free opinion polls and contests on your site. Use it to get the community involved with your site, generate community content for your site, get valuable feedback from your community about a product or service and more.
GoogleCalendar allows you to create and share events, and keep track of appointments and meetings. Use it to promote public events, schedule business meetings with colleagues, plan social event with friends and family and more.
Wikipedia is a free encyclopedia, available in several languages, that allows users to create pages for just about anything (historical events, places, technologies, businesses, etc.) and modify existing pages.
Free, Open Source Collaborative Software Tools
List of free, open source collaborative software tools. Categories include groupware (client server solutions and web-based solutions), project collaboration, wiki software and editors. Includes a chart comparing the functionality of the tools. Also includes a list of proprietary collaborative software tools.
Collaboration Software
Wikipedia entry for collaboration software. Discusses how collaborative software (such as mail, chat, calendars and wikis) are used to help the community involved achieve common goals. Topics include an overview of collaboration software, the three levels of collaboration (electronic communication tools, electronic conferencing tools and collaborative management tools), implementation, voting methods and more.

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Update :: January 18, 2020