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Building Web Communities Resource Center


Building Web Communities: Social Networking
Disability Resources, Inc
Disability Resources, Inc. is a community dedicated to assisting people with disabilities. The site provides access to information to assist people with disabilities live more independent lives. Includes chat rooms, links to helpful articles, FAQs, how to locate disability organizations in individual states, and links for librarians to locate helpful resource information.
Flexlists allows you to publish and share any type of list.
Sparkhive enables you to share and store your thoughts, ideas, research and bookmarks.
7tipson allows you to share tips on any topic or review tips that are already posted. is a financial web site whose community helps it determine investment strategies. Simply enter a stock's symbol or a keyword to start your search.
Yorz is a social networking site that allows you to join a group and post a resume.
This is a social networking site that allows members to post profiles, chat with others, join groups, play games, find a date and more.

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Update :: January 18, 2020