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Building Web Communities Resource Center


Building Web Communities: Social Bookmarking
The Best Stuff in the World
The Best Stuff in the World allows you to suggest what you think is the best (of anything).
Bibsonomy allows you to share bookmarks and literature lists.
Diigo is used for social bookmarking. It also allows you to annotate a web page.
Mobilicious is a mobile social bookmarking tool.
BlinkList provides you with a button to bookmark web sites, your own web site to keep track of all of your Blinks, tools to organize your Blinks, and the ability to share them with other users. is a social bookmarking site. You can search by keyword and find the sites, articles, blogs, etc. that users have bookmarked. You can find other users with similar interests and see what sites they have bookmarked. Or create your own bookmarks and share them with others.

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Update :: January 18, 2020