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“What Is Vlogging (and How to Get Started)”
Article: “What Is Vlogging (and How to Get Started),” by Joshua Paul. Discusses video blogging (also called vodcasting), creating a video, posting a video (uploading to iDisk and OurMedia), syndicating a video, informing iTunes, subscribing to a feed, and feeding a feed.
Vidblogs Vlog Sharing Site
Vidblogs is a free vlog sharing site. Users have an individual Vidblogger page with comments, and can take part in forums hosted by the site. The home page features popular Vidblogs, the newest postings and a browser for site search.
Book: Hands-On Guide to Video Blogging and Podcasting: Emerging Media Tools for Business Communication, April 2004, by Lionel Felix and Damien Stolarz. Discusses the steps for launching a podcast or video blog, multimedia use in blogging, blogging technologies; business, education, communication and entertainment applications, buzzwords, acronyms, tools, production techniques, monetization, and licensing.

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