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“Top 40 Sites According to FeedBurner Stats”
Blog: “Top 40 Sites According to FeedBurner Stats,” by Stan Schroeder. Discusses a list compiled by FeedBurner (an RSS feed manager with over 600,000 feeds) on the blogs that have the largest number of readers. Some of the most popular blogs include BoingBoing, 43Folders, John Battelle’s Searchblog, Search Engine Watch, FeedBurner, and the GeekZone.
“Top 25 Most Popular Blogs June 2007”
Article: “Top 25 Most Popular Blogs June 2007,” from eBizMBA. Lists the most popular blogs. The rankings were determined using several factors, including RSS subscribers from FeedBurner, inbound links from Yahoo Site Explorer, the site’s Alexa ranking, and unique visitor data.

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