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Blogging Resource Center

Monetizing BlogsMinimize
Problogger provides information that helps bloggers monetize their blogs. Topics include how blogs can make money online, AdSense tips for bloggers and blogging for beginners. They offer a free a monthly newsletter and RSS feeds.
“Top 10 Blogging Lessons Learned...”
Article: “Top 10 Blogging Lessons Learned on Traffic, Monetization, and Life,” by Wendy Piersall. Discusses AdSense sites, competition, traffic spikes, that traffic does not equal dollars, stats addiction, online networking, and integrity.
“My Top Seven Blog Monetization Methods”
Blog: “My Top Seven Blog Monetization Methods,” by Yaro Starak. Discusses recursive affiliate programs (people buy a product on a continuous basis), direct ad sales, text link-in ads (brokers match sites to advertisers), one-time affiliate income (covers initial sale only), paid reviews (you must generate a review in order to earn money), and Google AdSense.
Google AdSense
Learn how Google AdSense can help you earn money from your site and blog. Additional links provide you with information on how AdSense works, how you get paid, where the ads come from, and how to get started in the program. For detailed information please visit our Google AdSense Resource Center.
Google AdSense Blog
Blog: The Google AdSense blog discusses policy updates (program policies, page quality guidelines, and link unit formats), effective pairing of Adsense and e-commerce, video ad formats, and updates on when the site is undergoing maintenance.
AdBrite Overview for Publishers and Advertisers
AdBrite overview for publishers and advertisers. Learn how to earn money by placing ads on your website or blog. Additional links tell you about the company and answer frequently asked questions.
AdBrite Blog
Blog: AdBrite Blog discusses ad transparency, customizing headers, new features, BritePic (adds interactivity to pictures), the new publisher dashboard, and the new home page.
Value Click Media’s Solutions for Publishers Page
Value Click Media’s Solutions for Publishers page. Discusses maximum revenue, quality advertising, user interfaces, publisher support, display advertising and lead generation.
Value Click FAQ
FAQ: Value Click’s FAQ discusses how much you can earn with their program, reasons for using Value Click Media as your network, minimum traffic levels for publishers, how the publisher referral program works, how to join the program, selecting ad formats, and how you will get paid.
Burst Network Publisher Information Page
Burst Network publisher information page. Specialty publishers (sites that are dedicated to a specific topic) can join this monetization program. Includes information on site eligibility, conditions, and applying to the program.
Burst Media FAQ
FAQ: Burst Media’s FAQ discusses how to join the Burst network, how Burst sells advertising for its publishers, how to become a member, targeted and non-targeted campaigns, finances and revenues, tracking and statistics, coding, and creative ad units.
Zoundry Blog Writer
Zoundry Blog Writer is a free tool for creating blogs. Features include drag-and-drop capabilities, tagging, Unicode support, template-based previews, spellchecking, support for WordPress/Movable Type, XHTML editor, image and podcasting management, blog management, and the Zoundry Service—a rewards program where users can earn money through writing product recommendations for Zoundry advertisers.
“Introduction to Blogging”
Article: “Introduction to Blogging,” from Zoundry™ (a blogging network where members can earn money by writing product reviews). Discusses deciding what to write about, creating a blog, naming a blog, making a blog private or public, downloading Zoundry’s Blog Writer, blogging suggestions, and creating an RSS feed.
“Planning Your Blog”
Sample chapter: “Planning Your Blog,” from Start Your Own Blogging Business, by J.S. McDougall (December 2006). Discusses what a blog is, requirements (content, audience, and revenue source), choosing a profitable topic, interest of the general public, and industry blogs.
Wordpress Blogging Tool Features
Learn about the features of the Wordpress free open source blogging tool, including customizable templates, themes, colors, pinging (notification to blog directories when new pages are added to a blog), categories, sub-categories, comment capabilities, and revenue generation.

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