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Blogging Resource Center

How to Start a BlogMinimize
“How to Create Your own Blog”
Article: “How to Create Your own Blog,” by Andy Carvin. Discusses how the Digital Divide Network allows each of its members to have a personal blog, blog layout, setting up a blog, how to post a blog entry, editing and deleting blog entries, what to write about, and how to promote a blog.
“Introduction to Blogging”
Article: “Introduction to Blogging,” from Zoundry™ (a blogging network where members can earn money by writing product reviews). Discusses deciding what to write about, creating a blog, naming a blog, making a blog private or public, downloading Zoundry’s Blog Writer, blogging suggestions, and creating an RSS feed.
CNet Video on Blogging
Video: Tom Merritt of CNet gives a few pointers about blogging, including signing up with a blogging site or social networking site, terminology you need to know (e.g., permalink, trackback), allowing links, templates, and site registration (to reduce spam).

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Update :: January 20, 2020