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BlogBasics Tutorial
Tutorial: “Blog Basics,” from BlogBasics. This three-part tutorial discusses what a blog is, terminology, who’s blogging, why people blog, and the components of a blog (advertising, title, date, post title, posting information, comments, previous posts and archives).
“RSS Feeds and Blogging Tutorial—What is a Blog”
Tutorial: “RSS Feeds and Blogging Tutorial—What is a Blog,” from Website 101. Discusses benefits of building niche blogs, definitions of blogging terms, marketing tools, search engines, benefits of RSS feeds, ranking, business blogs, adding new content, making money with blogs, linking, and traffic.
Blogging Tutorials
Tutorials: Over 100 tutorials for learning blogging. 14 of the tutorials are free and these cover how blogging works, how Blogger works, and creating your Blogger account. Other topics include getting help with Blogger, configuring your blog settings, blog hosting options, creating posts, working with images, managing blog comments, archiving, syndication, team blogging, customizing Blogger, blogging packages, Movable Type, and WordPress. 
“Blogging Basics” Online Course
Online course: “Blogging Basics” is a self-paced course (students have six months to complete it) that covers selecting a blogging platform, selecting a topic or topics, how to use RSS feeds and aggregators (for blog content), formatting a blog and inserting images, how to optimize a blog to attract search engines, and monetization. This is a fee-based course.

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