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“Getting Started with Blogging Software”
Article: “Getting Started with Blogging Software,” from Idealware. Discusses features and functions such as creating posts, uploading pictures and multimedia, displaying posts, moderating, publishing RSS feeds, appearance and layout, finding support, hosting your blog and getting stats about your blog; trackbacks (notifications of new links back to your site), selecting the best blogging tool, and summary reviews and recommendations on Blogger, LiveJournal, TypePad, Movable Type, WordPress, ExpressionEngine and TextPattern.
“Blogging with Movable Type”
Tutorial: “Blogging with Movable Type,” from Tokyo Shoes. Discusses what blogs are, components of a blog, determining the type of blog you want, finding a host, registering a domain name, getting an FTP (file transfer protocol) program, installing Movable Type, customizing templates, using Movable Type, editing entries, images and tips.
Planet Movable Type Blog
Blog: The Planet Movable Type weblog discusses the Type 4 Beta and includes a link to a free download, Movable Type’s mission, additional tools (LiveJournal, VOX and TypePad), a developer’s perspective of Movable Type 4.0, Six Apart blogging tools, and information about business blogging, controlling spam, and creating a contact form.
Movable Type Publishing Platform Site
Movable Type Publishing Platform site. Learn about the Movable Type platform, read what users are saying, find links to sites that have been updated using the latest version of Movable Type, learn about the features and versions, and get pricing information.
Everything TypePad Blog
Blog: The Everything TypePad blog discusses topics such as protecting yourself online, a new layout option and new stats graph, Windows Live support for TypePad, TypeLists, advanced templates, beyond blogging with TypePad pages, sharing your TypePad tips, helping readers find your blog, and telling Google about your blog.
TypePad Information Page
TypePad information page. Learn who is using TypePad, how TypePad tools assist you in getting started quickly, and how Six Apart blogging services can help you. Additional links provide information about terms of service, features, pricing and a free trial.
“Getting Started with Blogger”
Tutorial: “Getting Started with Blogger,” from BlogBasics. Discusses logging onto Blogger, selecting a user name and password, creating an account, selecting a blog title and subdomain, selecting a blog template (to determine what your blog will look like), creating a title for your post, writing your first entry, and publishing the post.
Wordpress Features
Learn about the features of the Wordpress free open source blogging tool, including customizable templates, themes, colors, pinging (notification to blog directories when new pages are added to a blog), categories, sub-categories, comment capabilities, and revenue generation.
Wordpress Tutorials
Wordpress tutorials. There are five levels of tutorials consisting of dozens of videos. Topics include a definition of blogging, the benefits of blogging, domain names, website hosting, installing Wordpress, customizing Wordpress default themes, customizing a blog, adding users to a blog, how to increase clickthroughs, controlling comments, how to achieve strong search engine results, uploading images, adding links, how to attract visitors, how to encourage repeat visitors, how to notify visitors of updates, email blogging, and group blogging.
Sherman Hu Blog
Blog: The blog of Sherman Hu, creator of Wordpress Tutorials. Topics include affiliate marketing, article marketing, blogging, Google AdWords, search engine optimization, and social bookmarking and tagging. His podcast at discusses “The 7 Misconceptions of Blogging.”
“Blogging with Wordpress”
Video tutorial: “Blogging with Wordpress,” from Easy Web Tutorials. This tutorial includes a free edition of Wordpress with easy installation instructions and discusses basic configurations, how to prevent content spam, how to publish new posts, how to manage categories and links, uploading and publishing images, search engine optimization themes, plug-ins, how to add Google AdSense, and how to submit your blog to directories.
Zoundry Blog Writer
Zoundry Blog Writer is a free tool for creating blogs. Features include drag-and-drop capabilities, tagging, Unicode support, template-based previews, spellchecking, support for WordPress/Movable Type, XHTML editor, image and podcasting management, blog management, and the Zoundry Service—a rewards program where users can earn money through writing product recommendations for Zoundry advertisers.

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