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Postreach is a blogging network that groups related blogs (e.g., by topic, location) for more readership. Their goal is to increase blog readership by referring readers to other blogs of the same topic through linking (to keep readers on a page longer). They also offer Clickcomments, a set of icons, that allow blog readers to leave comments (currently only about 5% of blog readers comment) about a blog without giving out any personal information (e.g., email address). Readers can select one or more of the icons (cool stuff, inspired me, entertaining, write more, creative, insightful, touched my heart or great find) to express their comments about a blog. A counter keeps track of the Clickcomments with immediate feedback.
“Blogging Viral Network Effects”
Case Study: “Blogging Viral Network Effects,” by Eric Kintz. Discusses the various ways blogs get noticed and read including word of mouth, relevant content, and attracting well-read bloggers (ones with over 1000 links) and micro-communities (specialized topics).
Corante is a blog media company (averaging 450K readers per month) whose blogs are written by leading commentators in their field. Categories include law, policy, business, management, media, the Internet, technology and science.

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