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Blog FAQ from
FAQ: Discusses what blogs are, blog history, the origin of the word blog, blog community, private blogs, group blogs, blog editors, reading blogs, the number of blogs, why blogs are important, the top blogs, corporate blogs, blogging tools, modifying a blog, spam, hacking, and Google ranking.
Blog FAQ from
FAQ: Discusses what a blog is, what can be done with a blog, private blogs, comments, community blogs, RSS feeds, how to start a blog, how blogs got coined, the difference between a blog and a journal, famous blogs, free hosting, permalinks, the blogosphere, pingbacks, search engines, and what an aggregator is.
Blog FAQ from
FAQ: Discusses what a blog is, how blogs are used, setting up a blog, blog tools, posting a blog, RSS feeds, what permalinks are and how they are used, and what trackbacks are and how they are used.

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