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A Global Conversation: A Master’s Thesis on Blogs
Thesis: “A Global Conversation: A Master’s Thesis on the Social Phenomenon of Blogs,” by James Torio. Discusses the history of blogging, what a blog is, blogging today; the business of blogging: revenue streams for blogs (ads), affiliate programs, contributions or donations, merchandising (e.g., Café Press) and online advertising; word of mouth connectors, Metcalf’s Law (the usefulness of a network equals the square of the number of users), the blogosphere’s impact on business and businesses using blogs successfully; bloggers as navigators, and a survey of bloggers about their blogs.
“The Blogging Phenomenon: Who? How? Why?”
Article: “The Blogging Phenomenon: Who? How? Why?” by Cedar Pruitt. Discusses what a blog (weblog) is—an online diary or journal; characteristics include writing, images, video and photos, can be specific (one topic with a single author) or multiple topics with several contributors, and provides immediate feedback.
“Blogs Will Change Your Business”
Article: “Blogs Will Change Your Business,” by Stephen Baker and Heather Green. Discusses using links in a blog, the cost of publishing, what not to blog about, company blogging behavior, building a brand, Six Apart (blogging software), Technorati and PubSub (blog search engines), and using RSS feeds.
“The Art of Blogging—Part 1”
Article: “The Art of Blogging—Part 1,” by George Siemens. Discusses what blogging is, uses for blogging (e.g., customer service communication), the benefits of blogging (e.g., links and connections), and the implications of blogging.
“The Art of Blogging—Part 2”
Article: “The Art of Blogging—Part 2,” by George Siemens. Discusses blogging services (e.g., Blogger and Movable Type), the types of blogs, how to blog, tools and resources for blogging, and extending blogs with RSS syndication (aggregating).
“Blogging for Business: 7 Tips for Getting Started
Article: “Blogging for Business: 7 Tips for Getting Started,” by Jeff Wuorio. Discusses identifying your audience, deciding where a blog should be located, marketing your business, practicing blogrolling (inserting helpful links in a blog), emphasizing keywords, updating often, and watching the traffic.
“Time’s Person of the Year: You”,9171,1569514,00.html
Article: “Time’s Person of the Year: You,” Time Magazine (December 2006). Discusses the people and companies that helped explode social networking in the web, including YouTube, MySpace, Facebook and Wikipedia. Also discusses Web 2.0 technologies and the blogging community.

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