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Wikis Resource Center


Wiki Tutorials
"Tiddly Wiki Tutorial"
Tutorial: "Tiddly Wiki Tutorial" by Jeremy Harper (June 17, 2006). Topics include custom macros, default tiddlers, EasyToCarry, EasyToEdit, gradient macros, adding a horizontal line, creating subheadings, how to "dewikify" a wiki word, embedding images, formatting text, formatting the page, making a tiddler, making external links, making lists, making tables, saving changes, using block quotes, macros, the main menu, micro content, missing tiddlers, monospaced text, new features, revisions, orphans, site subtitles, site titles, site URLs, sparklines, special tags, style sheets, tags, tiddlers, where to find help and more.
"Wikis: A Beginner’s Look"
Tutorial: "Wikis: A Beginner’s Look—Harnessing the Collective Intelligence," by Meredith Gorran Farkas of Norwich University (March 23, 2006). Topics include an introduction to wikis, uses of wikis (for community guides, subject guides, internal libraries, content management systems, knowledge bases and more), and starting a wiki.
20-Minute TWiki Tutorial
The 20-Minute TWiki Tutorial discusses using Twiki, a quick tour, opening a private account, checking out TWiki users/groups/offices, testing the page controls, changing a page, creating a new page, using your browser to upload files as page attachments and getting email alerts when pages are changed.
Garnet's 30 Second Wiki Tutorial
Garnet's 30 Second Wiki Tutorial provides a brief introduction on how to create more pages, create links on existing pages, link to pages on other web sites, place a picture on a wiki page, create bullet lists, format wiki pages and more.

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