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Other Popular Wikis
ShopWiki is an index of everything that can be bought online. It is a combination of a shopping search engine with Web-crawling technology, and a wiki in which the community generates the buying guides. The community can edit and add product and pricing information to the wiki guides, and add video product reviews.
WikiMapia—a mashup of a wiki and Google maps—is a Web 2.0 project where the community can contribute content to describe the whole planet by location (city, state, country, etc.). Anyone can add or modify information. Visit the FAQ to learn more about the project.
Game Programming Wiki
The Game Programming Wiki is a community wiki for game programmers. Site include an introduction to game programming, FAQs, tutorials, libraries, languages, engines, game ideas, developer resources, community projects, tools, a glossary of terms, community forums and more.
MySQLForge Wiki
MySQLForge Wiki allows Users and developers in the MySQL community to share their knowledge in one place. Topics include documentation, FAQs, software, community, development and platforms specific information. Check out the recent changes, events and help resources to learn more about how you can contribute.
Wikitravel is a free world-wide travel guide with over 12,000 destination guides and articles contributed and edited by the community. The main page includes a destination of the month, an off-the-beaten-path feature, travel news and more. Check out the help page to learn how to contribute to the project.
Wikia is a collection of wikis on virtually any subject that are created, written and edited by the community. The wikis are built using MediaWiki software. Search for wikis by categories including TV, gaming, movies, sports, health, computing, literature, sci-fi/fantasy, collaborative writing, alternative history, shopping, cities, music and more.

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